Logistic Assistant مساعد لوجستي

Logistic Assistant مساعد لوجستي

إعلان وظيفة شاغرة رقم: 3261

المسمى الوظيفي:  Logistic Assistant مساعد لوجستي

اخر موعد للتقديم: 18.07.2020

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متطلبات العمل:

 University education (Bachelors Degree)

 At least 1 Year logistics experience

 Previous experience working with NGO’s is preferable

 Good English language skills

الوصف الوظيفي:

  1. General objective 1: General Responsibilities

The Logistics Assistant’s general responsibilities include the general management of the following at the area office level:

 Implementing procurement according to Requests by Tasks of the Manager of Logistics Department.

 Submission of weekly report on procurement.

 Conducting Inventory of ACTED Property monthly and quarterly.

 Implementing requests on printing materials for ACTED projects.

 Implementing other responsibilities according to requests when needed.

In addition, the Logistic Assistant bears overall responsibility for all assets purchased and/or belonging

to ACTED and for the enforcement of ACTED’s procurement, logistic and security

management guidelines and rules in the area office.

  1. General objective 2: Specific Responsibilities

 To render assistance to Managers of Departments to organize trainings and study groups;

 To perform efficient, transparent and timely procurement of rehabilitation, construction, WASH and other projects in the area office;

 To provide on-time delivery of goods, purchased for rehabilitation projects to the facility;

 To control the printing and publishing activities, also to produce control of producing visibility materials of the donors, agreed with coordination and relevant department managers;

 Observance and compliance with directions and procedures of ACTED purchase and delivery direction;

 To perform efficient, transparent and timely procurement of quality and functioning equipment, and delivery for ACTED programs;

 Preparation, filling in, collection and follow-up Order Forms and Purchase Order;

 Filling in and provision purchase report of Order Follow Up weekly;

 Ensuring of accurate monthly inventory follow-up and asset management follow-up by project and by donor at the area level;

 Ensuring of proper maintenance of ACTED premises including offices and warehouse areas and community centers as well as follow-up of the equipment stored in the premises at the area level;

 To perform accurate, efficient and cost-efficient communication management

  1. Improve and proper support communication management of ACTED;
  2. Consideration legacy equipment, staff and procedures;
  3. To Help to Manager in controlling equipment management through communication

 To offer improvement and relevant changes in the Logistic system management to the Deputy Area Coordinator;

 To make a contribution to new project development, affording the technical assistance to Coordination;

 To provide accurate filling of all pretreated documentation, notably:

  1. Controlling the purchase contracts and all necessary vouchers;
  2. Controlling the delivery;
  3. Renovated asset files with all necessary documents(vouchers, technical direction, repair documents)
  4. General objective 3: Additional Responsibilities

 Monthly reports (consolidated monthly purchased goods and current goods reports, through the communication assets);

 Monthly and quarterly update of equipment follow-up and inventory tables for the area office;

 Consolidated asset management report;

 Production and timely submission of purchase report;

 Improved internal purchase management;

 Improved purchase management;

 Accurate FLATS filing

Provide any support for the good functioning of ACTED whenever requested by ACTED Management

الجهة المعلنة: Confidential غير معلن

مقر العمل: Hasaka 

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