store keeper   أمين مستودع

store keeper   أمين مستودع

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: (2808)

Job Title: store keeper   أمين مستودع

Application deadline: 28.03.2020

Other Information’s:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

CVs should be in English Language and in Word or PDF format.

Job Requirements:        

  • Education: Bachelor degree or equivalent Diploma.
  • Understanding of logistics in general.
  • Fluency in Arabic language is required.
  • Good command of English language is an asset., good in Microsoft Office

Job Description:

  • The storekeeper should be familiar with all procedure of stocks and as well as administrative procedures.
  • Be familiar with ways of organizing a stock, based on technical requirements or storage norms.
  • Create a proper filling prior to reception of the items of each project, this should follow ACTED Logistic dept. standard filling.
  • The storekeeper is responsible for full documentation of all IN and OUT of the goods/commodities;
  • Make sure that when receiving goods there is reception vouchers or waybill. To be kept in stock file.
  • Make sure that there is Stock Request for each item OUT from requester, after proper authorization of the stocks request by Logistic base officer/SLO/ALM.
  • Make sure that there is a Waybill OUT when materials are sent to the field.
  • Make sure that the stock request number is indicated in the stock cards, in order to have the cross reference process active.
  • Use labels for all items in the stock, for better identification of materials. (e.g. by Project code, donor name, materials/commodities category etc.)
  • Make sure to maintain the stock regularly and provide monthly reports and present it to logistic officer by 30th of each month.
  • Keep record of all reports he is supposed to send or if he is asked to prepare.
  • Ensure all commodities IN/OUT of the stock are properly documented, avoid non-authorized IN/OUT of items/commodities from store.
  • Make sure that the items received in his stocks are properly quality controlled, such as the expiry date and the item quality itself is checked by project manager or anyone who is nominated to do so.
  • Should there be any quality issue the Logistic Officer has to be alerted immediately.
  • He is the in-charge person for keeping the goods in a good status and good quality in the store.
  • The stock keeper is in-charge for keeping a good hygienic environment in stock. Should there be any evidence of mice, insects… he has to inform the Logistic Base Officer to take immediate action and on time in order to eradicate them.
  • The stock keeper should be aware of storage standards and how to keep different items in stock.

  1. SAFETY:
  • Upon arrival or departure of the duty station, he has to check and make sure that stock is secure and all doors, windows are locked properly.
  • Regularly check that the doors, windows, and their locks are strong enough for any external attempts.
  • This is the stock keeper’s job to alert the Logistic Base Officer should there be any type of security risk to safety of stocks.
  • Ensure the Fire extinguishers and First Aid Kits are existed and in working condition in the store;
  • Ensure the NFIs (Non-Food Items) are stored separately from FIs (food items);
  • Ensure the items particularly the ones sensitive with moistures, water or fire are protected well with high safely measures;

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Duty Station: Hadaya & Areesha Camp

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:

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