Logistic Assistant مساعد لوجستي

Logistic Assistant مساعد لوجستي

إعلان وظيفة شاغرة رقم: 2665

المسمى الوظيفي:  Logistic Assistant مساعد لوجستي

اخر موعد للتقديم: 27.02.2020

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Note: As the position needs to be filled at soonest, Blumont may proceed with interviewing and selecting before the deadline. o

متطلبات العمل:


  • University degree in administration or any equivalent is desirable.


  • 2 years of relevant experience in administration, procurement or logistical service
  • Previous experience in the Humanitarian Aid System is desirable


  • Good experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.).
  • Good language skill in English and Arabic.
  • Ability to stay composed and positive even in difficult moments, handles tense situations with diplomacy and tact, and has a consistent behavior towards others.

الوصف الوظيفي:

  • Assist Logistic/Procurement Officer in collecting purchase Requisition from various departments for good as service and arrange for their procurement making sure that Blumont’s interest is well regarded.
  • Make sure that purchased items are fully matching the required specifications and prepare documentations for acknowledging receipt by end users.
  • Prepare and maintain documentation in a way that they can be retrieved easily and satisfies the minimum paperwork requirements by the organization, including purchase order, tendering/bidding documentation, bid analysis, good receipt report, services completion certificate, payment request, advanced request, etc.
  • Maintain vehicle maintenance log sheet for all vehicles, make sure that vehicle registration is up to date, only authorized personal are driving Blumont’s Vehicles, staff who are driving vehicles are having up to date driving license, and in case of any accident report will be prepared and as far as possible police report will be prepared too.
  • Oversee the operations of the power generators, make sure that enough stock of diesel, lubricant and filters are available all times that ensure the smooth operations of the generators.
  • Prepare monthly reports on fuel consumption by generators. Arrange local transportation for personnel travel within the country, arrange flights for international travels for both staff and visitors, and arrange hotel reservations for staff, visitors and program participant.
  • Oversee the operations of the distributed essential items (cooking gas, kerosene fuel…etc.). Make sure that enough stock of these items are stored and prepare the necessary documentations.
  • Work as backup for administrative officer when she/he is away from office.
  • Perform any other related duties as required

الجهة المعلنة: Confidential غير معلن

مقر العمل: مخيم تل السمن 

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