FSL Project Officer – Livelihoods

FSL Project Officer – Livelihoods

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 5289

Job Title: FSL Project Officer – Livelihoods

Application deadline: 25.07.2021

Duty Station: Raqqa

Job Requirements:

The livelihoods officer is required to embody the following qualities and to maintain compliance with ACTED Rule and Policies at all times:

  • Bachelor degree in Economics, engineering or a related field.
  • At least 1 years’ of experience in INGO.
  • At least 1 years’ work experience with an INGO in Micro, small, medium businesses (MSME, MLB).
  • Intermediate English (written and spoken); and fluent in Arabic.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a high-pace environment.
  • Ability to manage complaints.
  • Willingness to follow instructions, especially those related to security
  • Excellent social and communication skills.
  • High commitment to cultural sensitivity, honesty, integrity, Trust-worthiness and accountability.
  • Organized, methodical, and thorough work ethic.
  • Punctuality.
  • Dedication and proven interest in displacement issues, field work and humanitarian programming.
  • Good organisational and prioritisation skills.
  • Intermediate in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and Word;
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.

Job Description:


  • Mission 1: Implementation of FSL – Livelihoods field tasks and operation including all business categories supported by ACTED (micro small, home based, medium sized, large sized and small agriculture businesses).
  • Mission 2: Capacity building FSL – Livelihoods assistants.
  • Mission 3: Ensure all lessons learnt are documented and shared to the line manager.
  • Mission 4: Participate in the effective of FSL – livelihoods based operations and ensure all are aligned with ACTED internal and external policies.
  • Mission 5: Ensure the operations and delivery of FSL assistance through effective management of FSL – Livelihoods assistants and daily workers.

Mission 6: Manage livelihoods databases ensuring data protection policy.


Under the supervision of the Deputy project manager, the FSL Project Officer – Livelihoods responsibilities include:

  1. a) General responsibilities:
  2. Implementation of all livelihoods field tasks (Needs assessments, beneficiaries’ selections, registrations, program verification, activities monitoring, business training provision).
  3. To work with the local authorities to understand the market and the situation within which the targeting and implementation of the cash aspects of projects will be conducted.
  4. Conduct technical assessments for potential targeting areas for defining new intervention areas.
  5. To support the Deputy project manager to make weekly work plans and field visits.
  6. Monitor the progress of Livelihoods program, and update the implementation plan on a weekly basis.
  7. To ensure the quality and efficiency of all field work done relevant to livelihoods.
  8. Revise all field documents signed and filled by the team and ensure their correspondence to ACTED compliance.
  9. To submit any relevant paperwork (e.g. Completion documentation, photos) to Senior Project Officer at the end of each day with work summary, or as described by line manager.
  10. To submit all the supporting documents for payments to the line manager after checking and revising them and ensuring compliance.
  11. To act as a clear communication channel between program, contractors, sub-contractors and beneficiaries.
  12. Co-management (with other technical staff) of Programs team and any other participating staff while in the field as discussed with Deputy Project Manager.
  13. To draft and follow up of program correspondence and reports in coordination with Deputy Project Manager.
  14. To prepare, check the quality and accuracy of all documents submitted by the field staff (beneficiary lists, reports, analysis, forms etc.).
  15. Support the Deputy Project Manager in their work with AMEU.
  16. To work additional hours and some weekends as dictated by the demands of the line project.
  17. Manage the team in the field and capacity building.
  18. Advise a visiting location to the project manager and Deputy project manager during the implementation of project.
  19. Prepare capacity building plans for assistants and share it with Deputy project manager for review.
  20. Support other FSL sub-sector teams in field quantitative tasks (non-technical) once needed in tense phase of FSL program.
  21. Participate in FSL assessments defined be the project manager aligned with cluster coordination.
  22. Protection Mainstreaming through the programming and distribution, ensuring that beneficiaries with specific needs are prioritized and additional assistance is provided when required.
  23. b) Reporting
  24. To document photos of program implementation and ensure that donor visibility is respected.
  25. Assist in the identification and location of beneficiaries when requested.
  26. Weekly Report on the implementation of activities as per specific program and donor requirements.
  27. Prepare a weekly and monthly plans and share with Deputy project manager.
  28. Provide a monthly report about the general achievement and challenge in the areas of intervention in addition to HAO monthly report.
  29. Share with the line manager weekly meetings with livelihoods assistants.
  30. Bi-weekly report including the monitor of changing in the market during the implementation of the project.
  31. Provide a monthly report about the general Markets situation in the areas of intervention the changes and challenges.
  32. c) Technical Tasks
  33. Develop and implement livelihoods activities and raise anything to adjust according to the context.
  34. Oversee livelihoods, and other market-based modalities to achieve project objectives.
  35. Develop a tool for market monitoring respecting the context and reality of each intervention.
  36. Complete deliverable to specification and within time line.
  37. Provide required information to relevant parties as dictated by contract and procedures.
  38. Identify, document and share best practices and lessons learned with the Deputy project manager.
  39. Put a plan B for different areas in the assessment and prioritize the most needed areas in the assessment report.
  40. Put a clear strategy of the change that will be made by the intervention in the areas.
  41. d) Administration and Other Tasks
  42. Maintain an efficient, organized system of paperwork and reporting for field work.
  43. Collect the supporting documents for cash payments and share with Deputy project manager
  44. Ensure timely departure and return from the field: this includes leaving to the field with all necessary documents and materials to complete a successful workday.
  45. Monitor the quality of work done by staff under your supervision and their adherence to ACTED internal policies
  46. To perform other duties as requested by the project and country management team.

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