WASH Temporary Worker – Hygiene Promotion – Al-Hole Camp

WASH Temporary Worker – Hygiene Promotion – Al-Hole Camp

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 5160

Job Title: WASH Temporary Worker – Hygiene Promotion – Al-Hole Camp

Application deadline: 27.06.2021

Duty Station: Al-Hole Camp

Job Requirements:

  • Secondary school or higher education certificate.
  • Good knowledge of Arabic (reading and writing).
  • Precedent work experience is preferred in rigid and repetitive contexts
  • Background in community work.
  • Good communication skills and dealing with others.
  • Good organizational and teamwork skills.
  • Good cultural awareness.
  • Easy to handle, reliable, aware of the principle of confidentiality at work.
  • Ability to work independently whenever necessary.


Job Description:

  • Monitor and evaluate the participation, ownership and inclusiveness of community members in decision-making regarding water, sanitation, hygiene awareness and evaluation of activities related to the project.
  • Directing the water and sanitation sector in the design and development of media tools, education and communication.
  • Working with the Water and Sanitation Team to enhance cooperation and coordination as well as promote effective supervision.
  • Assisting and identifying refugees/IDPs and WASH committees with service contracts in the planning and implementation of mobilization activities.
  • Encouraging continuous participation in the sector works and assisting the local community in addressing water and sanitation problems.
  • Promote safe participation in water and sanitation, including the use and maintenance of water and sanitation facilities and services, specifically water supply (tap stands, washbasins and reservoirs and water tanks), latrines, hand-washing facilities.
  • Participating in coordination meetings of committees and sectors and the group of committee leaders when authorized by the senior official.
  • Identification of non-food hygiene-related needs, participation in element selection, targeted strategy, and promotion of effective use and post-distribution assessment.
  • Identify specific training needs and share them with the responsible supervisor for the necessary support where possible.
  • Prepare and submit daily, weekly and monthly reports on the activity to the supervisor (Hygiene Promotion Officer).
  • Participate in the activities of promotion, hygiene and resources to be implemented and delivered in a way that strengthens local capacities.
  • Taking into account the diversity of society and the necessity of the principle of equality between men and women and the implementation of activities in a way that reflects the needs of groups and individuals such as women, elderly, children and the disabled.

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Other Information’s:

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How to Apply:
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