Supply Chain Officer

Supply Chain Officer

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 5095

Job Title: Supply Chain Officer

Application deadline: 23.06.2021

Duty Station: Raqqa

Job Requirements:


Job Description:

Contribute to the effective Supply Chain function in the Field Office (20%)

  • Familiarise with the Area Office Strategic Objectives of the Response Operation in NES to contribute towards realising better outcomes
  • Pursue and review Procurement Plans for approved Awards to gain visibility into the Program portfolio for the field office and actioned it in the filed response and make sure a timely procurement of goods and services for the program and office of Raqqa.
  • Establish a work plan for the Supply section; determine priorities/targets and performance measurements and monitor work progress to ensure that results are achieved
  • Liaise with programme /operations team members and advise about best ways to procure goods ensuring quality control and conformity with required specifications.
  • Implement the provisions of the organization Procurement Manual and Partners Procurement guidelines
  • Responsible for overall Asset Management for Raqqa office.

Lead the Sourcing function at the field Office (30%)

  • Review and accept Purchase Requests, allocate work load to team members, accelerate program delivery, following business processes/workflows, procurement practices and legal requirements.
  • Ensure Market Solicitation tools are prepared with accurate information that can lead to accountability, transparency, fair competition and best value for money.
  • Schedule procurement evaluation sessions, complete CBAs and compile Procurement  Committee minutes accurately detailing analysis of how bidders were eliminated and or selected and ensure orders are closed within acceptable timeframes
  • Promote understanding of the organization Procurement Manual, Procurement policy and provide trainings /briefings for all field staff making sure that staff understand and apply the guidelines.
  • Supervise and coach section staff, ensure timely performance management of staff
  • Code of conduct- Supply Chain integrity are properly applied on the all procurement transactions and fairness opportunities take place on the whole functions.

Support Partner’s Procurement Review Processes- 30%

  • Intensively use the Partner Assessment Tools for partner capacity assessment to identify strength and weakness during partner identification
  • Support partner teams to have strong understanding of Partners Procurement guidelines including:

-Work Plans for each new SGA/SAA after Kick Off Meetings

-Supply Chain Dashboard & Procurement Tracker reports for Partners

-Vendor databases-Continuous Expansion

-Establishment of Long Term Frame Work Agreements

-Updating of Asset registers with correct information

-Close Out Plans

  • Provide supply chain training and capacity building for all partners to empower them to deliver quality programs through compliant procedures (Core Requirement)
  • Strengthen the SRO internal control systems in order to reduce breaches in the code of conducts and ensure early detection of any case that is needing to be investigated; reduce losses, incidents and any potential operational or reputational risk for organization.

Coordination of logistics with programme teams-10%

  • Promote the submission of use of Distribution Plans to coordinate the warehouse and distribution of supplies within active project life to avoid residual stocks
  • Monitor the acquisition and disposition of assets in close adherence with the BIS requirements
  • Oversee key Trackers holding all closeout documentation including Warehouse Inventory Reports and updated List of Assets for each Award

Information Management-10%

  • Consolidate, review and submit Monthly reports including Procurement Tracker, BAF Tracker and Asset Registers
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Metrics to track performance as part of Supply Chain and Programme Quality check
  • Use organization SharePoint platform to archive all Supply Chain documents in good resolution
  • Share weekly Reports with Internal Users to be constantly updated on Supply Chain Progress, and status of Purchase Requests

The post-holder will comply with all relevant organization policies and procedures with respect to child safeguarding, safety and security, code of conduct, equal opportunities and other relevant policies.


  • Comply with organization policies and practice with respect to child guarding, code of conduct, Anti-harassment, fraud, health and safety, equal opportunities and other relevant policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the security, health and well-being of staff and that staff management and other processes and policies and systems reflect SC’s principles of equity and fairness

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Other Information’s:

Please mention your English and Computer skills clearly in your application

How to Apply:
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