Accountability  Officer مسؤول محاسبة

Accountability  Officer مسؤول محاسبة

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 4762

Job Title: Accountability  Officer مسؤول محاسبة

Application deadline: 08.04.2021

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma in a social science or related field-Degree in social sciences or related field is preferred.
  • Background in health care administration an asset
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation activities (surveys, data entry and reporting) highly desired.
  • Good contextual knowledge of local issues, community priorities, social and cultural constraints and realities.
  • Ability to organize and work independently and within teams.
  • Ability to use MS Word, Excel, Access, and another analysis software’s like SPSS or Power BI.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English.

Job Description:

1-      Lead in establishing and administering a mechanism that allows beneficiaries in the health facility to securely and confidentially leave feedback and complaints

  • Lead in procuring and installing materials needed for establishing and administering the mechanism including signage, suggestion boxes, feedback sheets, feedback logs, etc.
  • Routinely receive feedback from patients or the suggestion box and enter it into the feedback matrix, which is sent to Turkey
  • Provide observational feedback to the Amouda office.
  • Follow up on the closing and the resolution of cases.

2-      Act as a point of contact for beneficiaries

  • Interact with patients to ensure they are being appropriately treated
  • Conduct routine quick surveys with beneficiaries and encourage them to leave feedback when they desire to do so
  • Where necessary, communicate resolutions from complaints back to the complainant.

3-      Conduct additional data collection efforts as needed

  • Under direction of the M&E Manager in Amouda, perform ad-hoc research efforts in and around the health facility
  • Enter the data from the collection efforts and send them back to Amouda.

4-      Reporting:

  • Provide monthly reports that shows the analysis of complaints and feedbacks received.
  • Integrate accountability reports into regular donor reports.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Supervising the field assistant team, following up their work schedule and ensure the completion of planned M&E activities in the field.
  • Reporting of the M&E activities conducted by the field assistants.

Advertiser: confidentiality

Other Information’s:

Duty Station: Kasra

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:       

Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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