Deputy MEAL Manager

Deputy MEAL Manager

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 4681

Job Title: Deputy MEAL Manager

Application deadline: 16.03.2021

Job Requirements:

  • Personal abilities:

o Diploma (Bachelor in development studies or social sciences or statistics, +3 years’ experience including 1 years of previous experience in managing the full MEAL portfolio and team and including 2 years working with an INGO preferably in a management role.

  • Technical competences:

o Previous experiences with donor reporting, delivering trainings and understanding Beneficiary feedback mechanisms/complaint response mechanisms strongly preferred for a minimum of 1 year.

o Working knowledge on different quantitative sampling methodologies.

o Experience collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data.

o Ability to develop terms of reference and questionnaires for surveys.

o Good knowledge of MEAL tool (MEAL plan, indicators).

o Excellent attention to details, ability to prioritize, analytical capacity, organizational skills and discretion with confidential information.

o Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (essential), Arabic (essential) and Kurdish (preferable).

o Fully computer literate including advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PPT)

o Excel analysis and encoding (xls for ODK) power BI will a strong added-value.

o Practical knowledge of KOBO toolbox, including questionnaire design in MS Excel.


Job Description:

Implementation and supervision of M&E activities:

  • Assisting the MEAL manager in maintaining and updating the M&E Plan for on-going programs and new programs, including timeframe of activities, data collection methodology, tools to be used and expected delivery.
  • Participating in M&E activities by designing quantitative and qualitative studies (including an analysis plan) to be conducted by the MEAL department.
  • When applicable, planning the logistical needs, administrative needs, and duration of M&E activities. This includes the recruitment, training, and management of enumerators (planning, supervision of data quality, etc.)
  • Supervising the MEAL Staff collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data and producing M&E reports, including adapted recommendations
  • Disseminating the results through feedback sessions, presentations and visualization techniques.
  • Working closely with program teams to ensure the follow-up of programs indicators. Support all program teams in conducting monitoring activities (review methodologies, assisting in the creation of analysis plans and provide necessary trainings on design, sampling, XLS/ODK coding, data analysis, and reporting).
  • Participating along with MEAL Manager and other MEAL staff in Program Quality Follow Up exercises.

Accountability and CRM:

  • Working alongside the MEAL Manager and other teammates to develop tools, preferably using a community participatory approach, to be used to observe and study adherence to accountability;
  • Assist the MEAL Manager in the creation and implementation of a viable and relevant CRM system in Hassakeh
  • Builds the capacity of MEAL and other SI staff with regard to accountability, complaints and response mechanisms
  • Taking part in the accountability mechanisms set up by SI
  • Ensure that relevant MEAL staff are reporting all negative feedback or lack of accountability, protection issues or “Do no Harm” policy breach to his/her line manager or appropriate pathways.
  • Ensure that relevant MEAL staff check that complaint response mechanisms are established and are accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Ensure that relevant MEAL staff check that complaints are registered and logged complaints into a formal database.
  • Ensure that relevant MEAL staff check that complaints are addressed and that an appropriate and timely response is given to the complainant.
  • Ensure that relevant MEAL staff participate in training field teams on CRM information plan

Learning – Institutional Knowledge Building (IKB) and Database:

  • Through management of the Database MEAL staff, assisting the MEAL manager in creating and maintaining a database of M&E documents created nd used by the MEAL department and program teams including surveys, raw and analyzed data, recommendations, and reports.
  • Assisting the MEAL manager in designing and implementing learning and IKB tools and cross-cutting (lnter-sectorial) studies, as well as encouraging and assisting program to do the same.
  • Assisting the MEAL manager in the creation and maintaining of an information sharing tool to disseminate lessons learned and recommendation to staff (owncloud, Recommendation Follow Up tool, etc.)
  • Ensuring Relevant MEAL staff are using, updating, sharing, and maintaining these data sharing and IKB tools.
  • Training and building the capacity of program teams on design, sampling, data analysis, and reporting;
  • Whenever applicable, gathering external studies conducted by other stakeholders that relate to programs being evaluated
  • When applicable, providing recommendations on improving program and strategy (during SWOT/Strategic workshops or by reporting to MEAL manager)
  • Ensuring that database MEAL staff keep monitoring tools and files archived at SI office accessible to the program team and updated on a regular basis.

Human Resources Management

  • Participate in the recruitment and induction of national program staff.
  • Ensure the regular appraisals of staff members under direct line management are conducted
  • Assist the implementation of training and capacity building of the team, under the lead of MEAL manager and in coordination with HR department as relevant.
  • Partake in the assessment of team performance.
  • Supervise and monitor potential conflicts within the teams and inform the MEAL manager in case of a problem. Monitor the teams to ensure that they are adhering to health and safety regulations.
  • Ensure all staff comply with SI Code of Conduct, security protocols and internal regulation while carrying out all activities.

Representation and communication:

  • Representing SI on the field and with beneficiaries by providing information on services provided by SI or otherwise, referring cases/needs, and acting in a professional and accountable manner.
  • Upon request, attending base meetings/other internal/external meetings to receive or present updates.
  • Upon request is representing SI and the MEAL department in internal and external meetings, trainings, workshops, working groups, and donor visits on behalf of the MEAL manager.
  • Ensure constant communication with the SI program teams to have an in-depth understanding of SI activities
  • Participating in MEAL department meetings and reporting on his/her activities’ progress and challenges/problems encountered. This includes providing constructive suggestions to improve the team’s activities.
  • Prepare and submit weekly update reports on the progress of projects/activities to the MEAL manager.

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Other Information’s:

Nothing to Mention.

Duty Station: Al-Hassaka

How to Apply:
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