Static CCCM – Senior Complaints, Feedback and Information Management Officer  مسؤول أول للشكاوى والملاحظات وإدارة المعلومات

Static CCCM – Senior Complaints, Feedback and Information Management Officer  مسؤول أول للشكاوى والملاحظات وإدارة المعلومات

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 4662

Job Title: Static CCCM – Senior Complaints, Feedback and Information Management Officer  مسؤول أول للشكاوى والملاحظات وإدارة المعلومات

Application deadline: 11.03.2021

Job Requirements:


  • University degree (i.e. at least Bachelor level) with a major Informatics Engineering (Software Engineering and information system, Computer Engineering & Automation Engineering, and Social science, communication, law)
  • At least 3-year managerial experience, including leading/supervising staff, report writing, meeting facilitation
  • At least 3-year experience in an INGOs and/or International Institution working in information management and accountability/monitoring & evaluation
  • Excellent Skills on Microsoft Office suite (i.e. word, excel, PowerPoint), Designing data entry tools (i.e. excel s form, Kobo collect toolbox) (Visualization of Information)
  • Full professional proficiency in Arabic and English (i.e. speaking and writing);
  • Ability to write reports, minutes, factsheets and questionnaires in English and Arabic;
  • Excellent time management skills;
  • Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Strong attention to details.
  • Does not reside in the camp.


  • Training certificate/track record in the provision of trainings.
  • Certificate/Training in web-design / data visualization


  • # of internal trainings conducted on IM and CFM
  • # of functional Complaints and Feedbacks Mechanism in the camp;
  • # of complaints closed within 15 days;
  • # of referral mechanisms established
  • # of meeting minutes and follow-up conversations with partners held
  • # of weekly IM products consolidated/diffused


Job Description:

  1. HR and capacity building
  • Participation in recruitment of new staff, under guidance of the CM;
  • Day to day supervision and management of CFM and IM staff, including support to manage daily labourers and CCCM monitors (i.e. attendance sheet signature, follow-up with finance…)
  • Commitment to continuous learning through trainings and timely identification of capacity-building needs and opportunities, in coordination with the CCCM PM / HR department.
  • Support IM and CFM units to manage daily laborers and monitors as appropriate
  • Ensure roles and responsibilities of IM and CFM units are clear and communicated
  1. Ensure weekly production and diffusion of IM products to external stakeholders
  • Demographic database, workers’ database, Site Factsheet, Vulnerability mapping; 4Ws; Activity Tracker, service monitoring reports etc.
  • Share the updated IM products to all actors involved in the humanitarian response on-site (i.e. actors active in the site, regional coordination bodies, local authorities)
  • Develop and improve relevant tools to ensure quality of products
  • Ensure and develop relevant data protection mechanisms
  1. Supervise data collection activities by the IM unit in the camp, including demographic exercises, vulnerability mappings, intention surveys and other relevant assessments
  2. External communication duties related to operation/sectorial/ad hoc meetings
  • Send request for inputs and invites to meetings to relevant stakeholders, share minutes/relevant documents following meetings
  • Hold and update contact lists of partners and committees in the camp
  • Ensure qualitative minutes are taken and diffused to partners
  1. Assignment of weekly tasks to CFM and IM units in line with long-term workplans, monitoring of tasks’ completion, weekly report to Camp Manager on the tasks completed by his/her team
  2. Establish/promote CCCM complaints feedback mechanism in the camp and ensure two-way communication
  • Ensure the effective functioning the CCCM CFM and that camp residents/partners complaints/feedbacks/request for inputs are adequately captured, analysed, addressed and responded to in a timely manner and utilized by the program and coordination teams
  • Treat urgent and/or sensitive complaints with the immediate attention they require, and ensure a fast resolution;
  • Receive and consolidate complaints/feedbacks/request for inputs in the CFM database and classify level of complaints/feedbacks/request to define the course of action and its implementation timeline;
  • Maintain confidential and detailed records of all complaints in the CFM database and other electronic and hard copy filing systems, as appropriate;
  • Determine and regularly assess appropriate channels to raise complaints/feedbacks/request in information in the camp-specific context through community consultation (i.e. FGDs, listening groups, KII…)
  • Supervise awareness campaigns on the existence of the CCCM CFM unit and its mandate by developing IEC material
  • Build capacity and understanding among ACTED CCCM team and actors active in the camp on the roles & responsibilities so the CCCM CFM;
  • Maintain records of CFM awareness raising and promotion activities (including approximate numbers of participants) and submit to CCCM PM as required;
  • Ensure accurate registration and timely follow-up of complaints/feedbacks/request for inputs from camp residents and active actors in the camp:
  • Produce a monthly analytic CFM report for ACTED staff, following ACTED template;
  • Adapt and improve the CFM based on monitoring of its effectiveness
  • Establish and maintain an effective referral mechanism with partners
  1. Ensure protection mainstreaming through CFM and IM activities
  • Support and consider gender, protection, and GBV concerns in all aspects of activities;
  • Adhere and Promote to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse principles and guidelines (for site residents, ACTED staff, partner agencies)
  • Support and promote participation of women, youth, and marginalised groups
  • Refer immediately protection cases identified to ACTED Protection Officer for referral to protection actors.


The Senior Complaints, Feedback and Information Management (CFIM) Officer is responsible for overseeing the IM and CFM units, coordination with external stakeholders, overseeing data collection and registration/follow-up of camp residents’/partners’ complaints, feedback or information requests in the camp. The Sr. CFIM Officer builds the capacity of the IM and CFM teams and ensures accuracy and quality control of both units, including through the development of relevant tools and production of high-quality camp outputs. Moreover, the Sr. CFIM Officer will be the focal point for external stakeholders with regards to camp data information sharing and CFM referrals with and contributes to information sharing between the two units as appropriate, as well as with other units of the CCCM team.


Under the authority of:


Line Management:

– CCCM CFM Officer/Assistants.



– Other units of CCCM team;

– HR department;

– Logistics for CCCM suppliers;

– Finance for payments of outreach workers;


– Camp administration;

– IDPs in and out of the site;

– Humanitarian Partners (INGO/NGO; humanitarian agencies).


  • Manage and train the CFM and IM units and develop relevant tools to ensure quality and efficiency;
  • Ensure accurate data collection, management and data protection;
  • Maintain positive and constructive relationships with external stakeholders – in particular service providers in the camp – through timely and accurate data provision and diffusion of high quality IM products;
  • Ensure accountability through timely CFM follow-up with beneficiaries, two-way communication and a functioning referral mechanism with partners.

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Other Information’s:

Nothing to Mention.

Duty Station: Washokani Camp

How to Apply:
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Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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