Distribution Assistant

Distribution Assistant

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 3980

Job Title: Distribution Assistant

Application deadline: 8/11/2020

Other Information’s:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

CVs should be in English Language and in Word or PDF format.

Job Requirements:

3.1. Minimum One Year Experience in relevant field

3.2. University degree.

3.3. Organized and flexible, ability to respond to changing priorities and challenging situations

3.4. Have a willingness to learn quickly, ask questions, and improve on his/her skills.

3.5. Good communication, diplomatic and motivational skills with program staff, beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the areas of activities.

3.6. Strong attention to detail, and ability to prioritize and problem solve in an unpredictable environment.

3.7. Good English is preferred.



Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Distribution Officer, the Distribution Assistant’s responsibilities include:

  1. Program implementation:

1.1. Support the registration and selection of beneficiaries through an intensive door-by-door system, ensuring communication, transparency and fairness at all stages of the project and the activity reaches the most vulnerable

1.2. Support the distribution process (planning, execution and reporting stages) ensuring the professional and safe conduct by staff at all times and that the distributions are conducted according to the ACTED SOPs

1.3. Ensure that roles and responsibilities for each distribution site are understood; participate in post-distribution debriefs to identify and address challenges

1.4. Make any necessary arrangements once on-site to accommodate beneficiaries with special needs

1.5. Support the Distribution Officer in the preparation of daily/weekly plans for distributions

1.6. Support the Distribution Officer in the timely preparation of transport, stock, fleet and other relevant requests to allow a smoothly implementation of distributions;

1.7. Ensure the proper documentation for each distribution is correctly filled, filed and reported

1.8. Ensure that up-to-date files and beneficiary lists are maintained, both electronically and in paper form;

1.9. Ensure that Daily Labourers are properly implementing the entire cycle of activities and conducting themselves in a professional manner, organizing and arranging distributions according to SOPs defined by ACTED

1.10. Actively participate in training and capitalization sessions with the distribution team to improve ACTED general procedures to ensure ACTED’s SOPs for distributions continue to fit the context

  1. Safety

2.1. Monitor the security situation in distribution locations before, during and after a distribution; adhere to the instructions of the Distribution Team Leader, ACTED’s Humanitarian Access and Program Security Manager and Senior Security-Liaison Officer to ensure the safety of both ACTED staff and beneficiaries

2.2. Ensure timely departure and return from the field: this includes leaving to the field with all necessary documents and materials to complete a successful workday

2.3. Ensure that all ACTED Security SOPs are learned and followed by the Distribution team; work closely with ACTED’s HAPS Manager and Senior Security Officer to further adapt the SOPs as needed


Under the authority of the Distribution Officer, the Distribution Assistant will support the effective and timely implementation of ACTED’s distribution activities in camps in Hasake Governorates, including but not limited to food items, non-food items, shelter kits and hygiene kits. The Distribution Assistant will work to ensure that the distributions are carried out according to the methodologies and guidelines provided by ACTED and the field team conducts itself in an efficient, safe and professional manner.


Under the authority of:

– Distribution Team Leader

– Distribution Officer

– CM


– Daily labourers



– Wider CCCM team

– HR department

– Logistics for CCCM supplies

– Finance for payments of casual labor

– AMEU department

– CCCM Technical Coordinator


– All humanitarian agencies

– Camp administration

– Humanitarian Partners

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How to Apply:

Well qualified candidates, including women, are strongly encouraged to apply”


To apply for this opportunity, you are kindly requested to read the following points:


1-         Read the job description carefully

2-         You may need to create a G-mail account

3-         Fill in the job application form through the following link:   





Only short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview

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