Reproductive Health and IYCF Coordinator

Reproductive Health and IYCF Coordinator

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 3836

Job Title: Reproductive Health and IYCF Coordinator

Application deadline: 14-Oct-20

Other Information’s:

Job Requirements:

 Medical doctor, nurse or midwife, post graduate training in Reproductive Health/

Obstetrics/Gynecology preferred.

 Must have at least 2 year professional experience in implementing reproductive health


 Must have at least 2 years’ experience working in humanitarian or development contexts

previous emergency response, conflict/post-conflict experience preferred

 Demonstrated capacity to provide hands on technical support to health providers,

experience setting up and managing trainings strongly preferred

 Demonstrated capacity to analyze and interpret data and to track performance against

program indicators

 Must have strong written and spoken English along with knowledge of Arabic

 Must be skilled in Microsoft Office

 Must be able to travel to field sites.

 Must have the ability to work effectively with various personalities and departments;

Excellent interpersonal, communication, public speaking, and strategic planning skills


 Must have excellent organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks in a

dynamic environment and Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities, deadlines,

tasks efficiently.    

Job Description:

Management and Implementation of Program:

 Under the supervision of the Health Program manager, this position is responsible for

overall design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of reproductive health

and IYCF programs at all levels, coordination within RI programs, such as health, Nutrition

protection, and with relevant stakeholders

 The RH &IYCF Coordinator will manage all aspects of the Reproductive Health activities

including pre and postnatal care for mothers, care of the new born, provision of family

planning counseling and methods; health education to mothers, women and girls and families

etc of Primary Health Care facilities and CEmONC Activities in RI supported HFs

including supervision and capacity-building of service providers, developing RH

implementation and monitoring plan and adapt program to changing context as needed.

 Participate in proposal development for health program to ensure consistency and integration

of reproductive health and IYCF programs with other health programs.

 Recruit, train and supervise reproductive health program staff, in coordination with the

Health program Manager, HR and recruitment staff.

 Ensure all existing project documents (e.g. monitoring plans, supervision checklists, program

work plans, risk and issue management, program spending plans and procurement plans) are

correct and up to date, and create new project documents for identified gaps and as new

grants arise.

 Conduct regular program progress assessments and provide consistent feedback on progress

to the HPM . Create and disseminate concrete strategies for how to get the program back on

track, and follow through with team to ensure the strategies are undertaken.

 Strengthen the internal and external referral system, ensuring continuity of care for primary

and reproductive and mental health cases

 Active involvement in developing and implementing needs assessments and surveys in

collaboration with mobile clinic, HFS teams, and MEAL team

 Conduct regular site visits for monitoring and supervision to ensure quality of services,

accurate data collection and verify consumption rates of pharmaceuticals and


 Training and ensuring the service providers using the RH related data recording and

reporting tools

 Work closely with Community Health Workers (CHWs) ensuring referrals and follow up are

made for RH related services from communities to health facilities

 Training CHWs on community aspects of RH including child spacing, family methods and

utilization of services, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, maternal care during

pregnancy and after delivery, with support from Health program Manager , Health

Coordinator and CHWs Coordinator.

 Regularly analyze data in conjunction with HPM, Health Coordinator ,CHWs Coordinator

in order to track reproductive health trends, needs and developing appropriate responses.

 Ensure that all RH related activities, indicators and objectives are successfully met within the

project timeframe and budget

 Coordinate internally and externally to ensure integrated implementation of Reproductive

health services as GBV,/CCSAS, maternal and child feeding with other sectors like CH ,

PSS , and Nutrition.

 Ensure appropriate treatment of beneficiaries in general, and mainly those requiring clinical

RH care services and IYCF within RI health program and ensure that the system for referral

of cases is developed and functioning efficiently and with optimal results

 Provide direction and advice regarding expansion of Reproductive health and IYCF services

to other areas including overseeing existing and establishment of new BEmOC and

CEmONC centers in supported health facilities and oversee needs assessment for

Reproductive health programming.

 Perform other duties and tasks as delegated and assigned by supervisor

Health Information and MEAL

 In coordination with the health program manager and Health team , develop and or revise

tools for data collection, monitoring, evaluation and reporting as necessary and according to


 Ensure that data compiled from the various parts of the outreach health program are in sync

and can be used to link the program.

 Ensure accuracy and quality of data collected from all Supported HFs on a monthly basis.

 Conduct monthly data analysis and indicator analysis, in conjunction with the MEAL

Department and act as appropriate.

 Support the MEAL Department to submit up to date and complete data base reports to

Health Program Manager each month.

 Design/develop and adjust IEC materials to suite local context

Monitoring and reporting

 Oversee data collection and analysis of RH & IYCF reports on activities and RH program


 Monitor clinic activities, including ANC, PNC, FP, BEmONC and CEmONC services in

supported RI HFs .

 Provide content and analysis for donor proposals and reports and internal required reports,

under supervision of the Health Program manager.

 Participated in health needs assessments, surveys and program evaluations

Internal and external coordination

 Closely coordinates with the Health Program Manager, Health Coordinator, and CHWS

Coordinator to ensure the health program is working as one unit, and the many arms are

supporting each other and being flexible to each other’s staffing, funding, or other needs.

 Develop relationships with referral sites in the area to foster coordination and collaboration

and follow up on referral cases.

 Represent RI at coordination meetings, as designated by the Health Program Manager.

 Perform any other tasks and duties as assigned by supervisor

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