Project Assistant – Static CCCM – Site Maintenance (NES)

Project Assistant – Static CCCM – Site Maintenance (NES)

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 3830

Job Title: Project Assistant – Static CCCM – Site Maintenance (NES)

Application deadline: 17-10-2020

Other Information’s:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

CVs should be in English Language and in Word or PDF format.

Job Requirements:


o At least 1 continuous year of experience in the Shelter / CCCM Site Maintenance department of a humanitarian actor, a UN agency or local authorities;

o At least 6-month experience at managing a team of skilled/unskilled daily workers;

o At least 6-month experience managing a team of skilled/unskilled daily workers;

o At least 6-month experience working in a camp;

o Proficient knowledge in Microsoft Office suite and in AutoCAD software;

o Excellent level of spoken / written Arabic

o Good to excellent spoken / written English;

o Does not reside in the camp or work for another actor active in the camp.


o Master degree (or higher degree) in the field of Civil Engineering;

o Great attention to details and time management skills;

o Certificate/Training in the field of Civil Engineering.       

Job Description:

  1. Support implementation/follow up all site maintenance/improvement-related activities in the camp:
  2. Monitor service provision in the camp:

o Conduct regular service and infrastructure monitoring for the sites in close cooperation with

the Information Management unit and map partner`s and community infrastructure in the sites;

o Timely report to the CCCM Site Maintenance Officer of any gaps and duplication in the service delivery and any site upgrading/maintenance intervention needed;

o Support to partners to achieve agreed minimum standards and service delivery quality.

o Support improvement of information management systems in the site in collaboration with the database assistant including: identification of information gaps, databases and reports and infrastructure mapping and monitoring

o Lead in the creation or strengthening of Site maintenance committees so that the appointment of committee members is done in a transparent and inclusive way and that ToR are created in a participatory manner and agreed upon all stakeholders;

o Train the committee members and coaching them through organization of regular meetings was well as daily supervision

o In cooperation with the other team members, consult community members and particular community governance structures prior to implement site improvements and maintenance works

  1. Develop/Supervise site maintenance works in the camp:

o Supervise regular assessment of site infrastructure and physical service delivery in the camp (e.g. drainage, roads, water supply, community infrastructure);

o Prepare accurate BoQs for site maintenance and infrastructure works;

o Select casual labours in cooperation with communities and ensure that there is an equal representation of gender, age and minorities within the workforce;

o Preparing plans for site works, and overseeing implementation by casual labours /contractors as needed;

o Considering environmental impacts of infrastructure works from planning to implementation and taking all the necessary measures to mitigate the impacts as much as possible;

o In coordination with the other team members, as well as the line manager, conduct assessments to identify infrastructure needs related to CCCM priorities, with a focus on improving vulnerable resident’s access to services;

o Ensure all the necessary measure to guarantee safety of casual labours, contractors and site population are in place through the implementation of site maintenance, shelter and infrastructure works;

o Store, manage and maintain tools and items for site upgrading/site maintenance in coordination with the logistic department and ensuring compliance to ACTED internal procedures;

o Coordinate with other ACTED department regarding procurement of any material resources for site upgrading/site maintenance;

o While carrying out site maintenance, infrastructure and site improvements intervention always paying special attention to accessibility and special needs of vulnerable group, particular of people with limited mobility.

  1. Ensure protection mainstreaming through the Site activities

o Support and consider gender, protection, and GBV concerns in all aspects of activities;

o Adhere and Promote to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse principles and guidelines (for site residents, ACTED staff, partner agencies)

o Support and promote participation of women, youth, and marginalised groups

o Refer immediately protection cases identified to ACTED Protection Officer for referral to protection actors.

  1. Manage the Site maintenance unit:
  2. Ensure Management of Site maintenance activities

o Support the CCCM Site maintenance officer in devising weekly and long-term work plans for the implementation of Site maintenance activities;

o Ensure regular follow-ups on weekly and long-term work plan implementation of Site maintenance activities;

o Provide inputs for the elaboration of Procurement plans as requested by the CCCM Site maintenance officer;

o Attend weekly CCCM team meetings;

o Flag directly foreseen challenges / issues arise in link with the Site maintenance activities to CCCM Site maintenance officer, including security incidents;

o Attend inter-actor Operational/Sectorial/Ad hoc meetings in the camp;

o Support the CCCM Site maintenance officer in identifying areas for improvement and developing site strategy;

o Ensure accurate record keeping of project documentation, including photos, as requested by the CCCM Site maintenance officer;

o Ensure compliance to ACTED internal procedures and donor procedures;

o Ensure thorough reporting (i.e. (externally) monthly report Site maintenance activities, (internally) weekly report to CCCM Site maintenance officer).

  1. HR

o Support in day to day supervision and management of CCCM Site Maintenance skilled/unskilled workers (i.e. attendance sheet signature, follow-up with finance…);

o Commitment to continuous learning through trainings and timely identification of capacity-building needs and opportunities, in coordination with the CCCM Site maintenance officer/ HR department.

Reporting to: Head of Department

Start Date: ASAP

Contract Length: 3 months/Renewable


The CCCM Site Maintenance assistant, under the direct management of the CCCM Site Maintenance Officer, supports the implementation / follow-up of all activities associated to site maintenance/improvement works in the site of intervention.

This includes but it is not limited to:

– Service monitoring (i.e. ensure that all sectoral standards are met in the site of intervention);

– Provision of critical site maintenance/improvement works (i.e. from drafting the BoQs to monitoring works completed by the contractor);

– Mobilize (i.e. incl. CfWorkers) to support on the completion of the above-mentioned site maintenance/improvement works;

Establish/Mentor a community-lead Site Maintenance/Improvement Committee.


Under the authority of:

– CCCM Site Maintenance Officer

Line Management:

– Skilled/unskilled daily workers



– Other units of CCCM team;

– HR department;

– Logistics for CCCM services suppliers;

– Finance for payments of outreach workers;


– Camp administration;

– IDPs in and out of the site;

– Humanitarian Partners (INGO/NGO; humanitarian agencies).


 Support in ensuring that effective monitoring of services provision / infrastructures is done in the site of intervention;

 Support in ensuring the development/supervision of site maintenance/improvement works;

 Manage the skilled/unskilled daily workers supporting critical site maintenance/improvement works;

 Support in establishing/mentoring a community-lead Site Maintenance/Improvement Committee.


 # of completion certificates for maintenance/improvement works on site infrastructures;

 # of Site Maintenance Committee with participated developed ToRs;

 % of Site Maintenance committee members trained.

Advertiser : Confidential غير معلن

Duty Station: Amuda

How to Apply:
Well qualified candidates, particularly women, are strongly encouraged to apply”
To apply for this opportunity, you are kindly requested to read the following points:
1- Read the job description carefully
2- You may need to create a G-mail account
3- Fill in the job application form through the following link:
Any offer of a contract will be contingent on securing funds from ORGANIZATION donors, and therefore, the recruitment process may be put on hold or cancelled without selecting any candidate.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview

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