Logistics Assistant

Logistics Assistant

إعلان وظيفة شاغرة رقم: 3654

المسمى الوظيفي:  Logistics Assistant

اخر موعد للتقديم: 25.09.2020

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متطلبات العمل:


  • A minimum of two-years professional experience in a similar position
  • Professional experience in maintenance works.
  • High school diploma at least.
  • Experience in purchasing
  • English speaking and writing would be an asset
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Strong organization skills
  • Team player
  • Experience working in humanitarian emergency would be and asset


الوصف الوظيفي:


  • Purchase goods ensuring the optimum price/quality ratio on the market, upon instruction of the Logistician and according to the organization purchasing procedures
  • Collecting quotations and checking prices for purchase of goods and services
  • Ensure that the suppliers fill in all receipts/invoices for local purchases correctly
  • Upon request by the Logistic officer carriers out a market survey in collaboration with the Admin team
  • Ensure the delivery of all purchased items to the requester, collects the proof of delivery and proceeds to the validation of the invoices by the Admin team
  • Do not accept money, loans, credits, gifts, entertainment or commissions from past, present or future suppliers.


  • Responsible for the maintenance of the equipment in the whole office, GH and other facilities supported by the organization
  • Follow up repairs as needed, contact the repairers and purchase materials needed.
  • Conducting routine inspections of premises and equipment.
  • Performing preventative maintenance.
  • Handling basic repairs and maintenance.
  • Overseeing contractors and maintenance workers when conducting works.
  • Perform minor fixes, such as repairing broken locks, damage to walls, etc.
  • Install necessary appliances and equipment as needed.
  • Check control panels and electrical wiring to identify issues.
  • Complete regular maintenance tasks
  • Inspect and troubleshoot various equipment and systems
  • Test the functionality of the facility’s safety systems.
  • Report to Log Officer regarding issues resolved, those needing attention, and those currently in progress.

 Stock Management

  • Check and record goods received, under the supervision of the Logistician
  • Regularly check inventory levels (physical counts).
  • When an order is received: Check the number of packages, check packaging and content and inform the log-admin of any problems (missing or damaged goods, etc.).
  • Ensure that all items are well organised and correctly stored, well protected, fully identified and easily accessible (cleanliness, security, access, etc.).
  • Follow up consumption of fuel for the generator and heaters.


  • Supervise activities of driver for filling the logbook and explain them if there are some mistakes.
  • Fill the vehicle and generators monthly follow-up document.

الجهة المعلنة: Confidential غير معلن

 مقر العمل: Kobane

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