Water Trucking Monitor مراقب توزيع مياه

Water Trucking Monitor مراقب توزيع مياه

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: (2736)

Job Title: Water Trucking Monitor مراقب توزيع مياه

Application deadline: 09.03.2020

Other Information’s:


Job Requirements:        

  • Previous experience in water quality analysis (FRC, chemical testing, etc…);
  • Previous experience with digital data gathering (DDG) applications (Kobo, ODK, iForm builder);
  • Excellent interpersonal and nonviolent communication skills;
  • Commitment to humanitarian principles and values;
  • Commitment to Concern equal opportunity and gender practices;
  • Flexibility under pressure and in response to changing needs;
  • Ability to maintain the highest degree of discretion;
  • Good computer skills, especially Word and Excel;
  • It is preferred who has English skills written and spoken.
  • Ability to learn quickly.

Job Description:

Supervision and support of water quality activities

  • Carry out water testing 9mainly FRC) to randomly selected water collection points to check the quality parameters, if it is at acceptable range and advise Senior WASH Technician if an adjustment is necessary in case of lower or higher levels
  • Keep records of the water quality monitoring by DDG and other methods
  • Supervision on the distribution of water trucking for IDPs in camps and targeted areas.
  • Preparing of the daily attendance record and the quantity of water supplied by the supplier for the targeted camp.
  • Making sure for providing the camp with the required quantity of water per day and making sure the condition and readiness of water tanks and their accessories
  • Chlorination of water through chlorine tablets
  • Ensure that the supplier is providing the water from the source that Concern has set for it
  • Periodic visits to the water source and reports to Concern
  • Reporting to Concern in all related WASH facilities in the targeted camp.
  • Promote and ensure compliance with the requirements of Concern’s Programme Participants Protection Policy and accountability commitments to ensure maximum protection to Programme beneficiaries across the programmes.

Advertiser :Concern WW

Duty Station: Manbij

How to Apply:

للتقديم يرجى ارسال بريد الكتروني متضمّنا:

– السيرة الذاتية

– ثلاثة مراجع مهنية مع كامل المعلومات (ايميلات –أرقام هواتف –مناصب وظيفية)

– المسمى الوظيفي ومنطقة الوظيفة والرقم التسلسلي  CWW/SYR/MBJ/071 Water trucking Monitor         بخانة الموضوع

على البريد الإلكتروني التالي: syria.jobs@concern.net